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Introducing Fallaf

UbuntuFM Artists has linked up with FALLAF, a #HipHop artist of Turkish descent, currently based in Cyprus.

FALLAF is noted to have started music at the age of nine. He released his first album, ‘Abrakadabra’, in 2010, successfully announcing his formal arrival to the Turkish music scene. A second album, ‘Albüm Lan Bu’, followed afterward to considerable commercial success, and then ‘Ölüme Dair Bir Terzilik işi’, to wide reception.

In his songs, FALLAF relates with topics on death and the after-life. Those have always been his interests and he reads on such topics from where his deep-seated questions arise. His fourth album, ‘Para’, which was released digitally was quite an exception. It treated his personal problems, most of which were financial, and in a most humorous manner.

After breaking away from music for a two-year span, returned in 2017 with a new album, ‘Salt’, that became a commercial success.

UbuntuFM Music is currently preparing new releases by FALLAF which will come forth in the coming months.

#HipHop #Turkey #Cyprus #Fallaf

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