Julia Werup | The Thrill Is Gone

Submitted by Zacks Jazz, Friday, February 19, 2021 - 12:43. Updated 1 year ago

After fantastic reviews of the album “The Thrill Of Loving You”, here is a brilliant edit of the lead single “The Thrill Is Gone”. Julia Werup’s interpretation is magnificent and her vocal performance is just outstanding. The musical performance by the band sounds refreshing and modern. Julia Werup and her band are making this tune their own, and that’s a big task as it has earlier been performed by jazz legends such as Chet Baker, Sammy Davis Jr., Ella Fitzgerald amongst others.

Artist info

Julia Werup is a self-taught singer. Her effortless ability to hit the right notes was cultivated far from any practice room, and as her voice and narrative have grown into something special and recognizable it’s important to appreciate her formative experiences throughout what can conservatively be described as an oftentimes complex life. On the current album ‘The Thrill of Loving You’ (from where this single is taken), the poet and singer Julia Werup (born in 1987) breaks new musical ground on her official debut as a jazz vocalist. Accompanying her are bassist Johnny Åman, pianist Sven-Erik Lundequist and drummer/producer Thomas Blachman.