What kind of world are we leaving for our kids?

The question is asked, “What kind of world are we leaving for our kids?”

Our children are watching and learning from us.  Both consciously and unconsciously, we are molding them, like clay on a wheel sculpted by the potter. 

Arranged & Performed by Dennis Warner
Words & Music by Bill Danoff
©Watch Your Head Music (ASCAP) 

D'Collectiv (Pronounced The Collective with Members Nick Fury HD & Vortex Kapone). 

Tomorrow People EP OUT NOW ‼️

 1.Betta Life

 2.Poolside Romance (DC MIX) Ft. Sarah Lenore @sarahlenore

 3.Yaad Party 

 4.Tomorrow People ft. MeL @melcofav

Artwork by Pat - Pat 

Kindness tells a tale of betrayal, unexpected but irrefutable. It is about being acted against by a trusted confidant, who is willing to sacrifice a friendship to get ahead. Arlen, from his place of ruin, writes about the fantasy of receiving poetic justice. 

“Hurricane” serves as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the backlash Lexi Von West has faced for her antics over the years, while also serving as the final piece of the puzzle in breaking free from self-doubt.

Our fans put a smile on our faces anytime we come up on stage to jam and they sing along with us. Now it’s time for us to put one on yours and remind you that there could never be a more befitting curve on you.

'Loyal' Appreciates a true woman, loyal is a body of work that just goes deep to show that a man must always appreciate his true Queen. The little things, the smiles, the heartfelt connection, the support which goes beyond what the modern day woman is about.

"ENERGY" is more than a song, it's a rhythmic embrace for those navigating the twist of long-distance love. In this musical journey, eLl sprinkles a fusion of English and her native Renbel Dialect, creating a unique language that echoes the sentiments of the heart. inspired by the challenges faces by girls in long distance relationships.

Dennis’ song and book, “Beads on One String”, emphasizes the importance of our commonalities.  Warner explains, “Like a beaded necklace, we are all different sizes, shapes and colors, but all held together by one string.  That’s how I see us all around the world.  It’s the string, the things we share in common, that holds us together.”

A brand new discovery of great artistic promise

A straightforward story that compels the listener to lean back and assimilate its essence. Possibly, upon looking close enough, one might be bound to find an anecdote in the story, or simply a representation of common realities shared amongst residents of metropolitan areas plagued by the same recognizable ills that beset such places the world over.