FRA! | You Dey Feel The Vibe

You Dey Feel The Vibe (Live)

Hot, groovy and rhythmic

FRA! takes you back to the era of Ghanaian high school style azonto with this song led by Nana Yaw Ofori-Atta (Thousand). It's hot, groovy and rhythmic and will make you want to dance all day. The song's catchy and simple chorus, "You Dey Feel The Vibe", makes it a great for audience participation. Written in the band's signature feel good style, it's one of the singles off the band's highly anticipated upcoming album, Chale Wote.

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FRA! is a band with surprisingly fresh sounds mixed to danceable and enjoyable feel-good music from afrobeat, highlife, afro-funk, interspersed with elements of rock. The band was founded in 2015 by a group of 6 friends from Ghana who loved to hang out and play music together. At first music had been just a casual thing, however playing together regularly as a cover band at shows and concerts made each band member realize that the synergy they had could be channeled into a productive endeavour which could pay off for the benefits of the band itself. With this, the group decided to go professional and formed a band called FRA! The name “FRA” is derived from the Akan language (a local Ghanaian language), meaning MIX and is a reference to varying musical backgrounds and influences of each band member. 

The band hails from Ghana which has a rich history of bands which have been landmarks on the musical landscape worldwide. Bands like Osibisa, Ramblers and others promoted Ghana's culture and music in the 70s and 80s which led to a golden age of band music in Ghana. Osibisa in particular has been a major source of influence and inspiration for the band with regards to their musicality and art style. However, these have fizzled out in favor of solo artists and different styles of music in modern times. 

FRA! has a mission to revive the organic live music that was hailed and enjoyed in that era and marry that style to modern trends in music. This aspiration seemed a bit distant to achieve but became a reality when the band won a contest organized by Casa Africa which earned the band a tour of Spain in 2019. Taking the music of Ghana and FRA! to places where it had never been heard before was something the band had longed to do and was now in the right place to do so. Their fame increased immensely with their debut album “Journey” released in 2019, and in 2022 the band was selected to perform at the World Music Expo (WOMEX) in Lisbon. Participants at this event regarded FRA! as one of the highlights of the event. 

FRA! has performed across Europe, Morocco, Uganda and Zanzibar, and is well liked by audiences everywhere they go. This is a step toward their objective of gradually redefining live music on the African continent and beyond. Currently, FRA! is building up momentum on Tik Tok and other platforms from their new single "You Dey Feel The Vibe". Now, together with Walboomers music, they are set to release a brand new album in the first week of June, and they are getting ready for their extensive European tour this upcoming 2023 summer. FRA! is ready to rock the world so keep your dates open for their upcoming releases!

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