FRAI - Smile

Smile Artwork Cover

Each single of the band’s upcoming record contains a message for you, our listener. This one says you look so beautiful when you smile. We're not being stingy with the truth, are we? 

Our fans  put a smile on our faces anytime we come up on stage to jam and they sing along with us. Now it’s time for us to put one on yours and remind you that there could never be a more befitting curve on you.

Artist info

FRA! is a band with surprisingly fresh sounds mixed to danceable and enjoyable feel-good music from afrobeat, highlife, afro-funk, interspersed with elements of rock. The band was founded in 2015 by a group of 6 friends from Ghana who loved to hang out and play music together. 

At first music had been just a casual thing, however playing together regularly as a cover band at shows and concerts made each band member realize that the synergy they had could be channeled into a productive endeavour which could pay off for the benefits of the band itself. With this, the group decided to go professional and formed a band called FRA! The name “FRA” is derived from the Akan language (a local Ghanaian language), meaning MIX and is a reference to varying musical backgrounds and influences of each band member. 

Currently, FRA! is building up momentum on Tik Tok and other platforms from their new single ‘You dey feel the vibe’. Now, together with Walboomers music, they are set to release a brand new album in the first week of June, and they are getting ready for their extensive European tour this upcoming 2023 summer. FRA! is ready to rock the world so keep your dates open for their upcoming releases!               

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