Ene Yatt - Loyal (Afro House Remix)

Loyal Artwork

'Loyal' Appreciates a true woman, loyal is a body of work that just goes deep to show that a man must always appreciate his true Queen. The little things, the smiles, the heartfelt connection, the support which goes beyond what the modern day woman is about. 

Loyal tells us we must be loyal to our true Queen if she is indeed loyal to us. Loyal is love and loyal is here for that change we need in our society. Men must appreciate their true Queen and women must also reciprocate that love. 

Artist info

ENE YATT is a talented Afrobeat/Dancehall duo from Nigeria, currently based in Ghana. Their name is connected to the music they create, ENE is an acronym for “Evil Never Ends” and YATT for “You Are The Truth.” Their songs are a symbol of hope for the new generation, a way to connect with other people from all around the world. 

They are bringing motivation to their audience and uphold the idea that anything is possible. Their music is influenced by their indigenous roots, promoting the Afrobeat genre and the African culture. The two brothers’ music career started through a dance group in secondary school, leading to the formation of a three-man group then known as The Bounce. In 2011 the original group was split, and ENE YATT came to being.  

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