Lexi Von West - HURRICANE

“Hurricane” serves as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the backlash Lexi Von West has faced for her antics over the years, while also serving as the final piece of the puzzle in breaking free from self-doubt. 

From the very first note, the song exudes an electrifying energy that resonates deeply with Lexi Von West, infusing her with a sense of vitality and empowerment. As she puts it, “If this song is a reflection of me, I can only hope I’m giving the audience the same sense of intensity through the song and as a performer.”

With its infectious energy and unapologetic attitude, “Hurricane” promises to be a standout track in Lexi Von West’s repertoire, captivating audiences and leaving them exhilarated by its raw authenticity.

Artist info

Lexi Von West is a lifelong performer, ignited by childhood lounge room concerts and a love for glitzy costumes. Early piano and guitar lessons from family fostered her musical journey.

At 14, Lexi recorded her first song, launching her into a world of edgy vocals and pop melodies, inspired by Britney Spears. Infusing her music with irony, Lexi draws from personal experiences and eclectic influences like Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. Signed with R4A Music, she’s poised for a creative explosion.

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