UbuntuFM Dance Radio

UbuntuFM Dance Radio
Redefining Dance Music!

UbuntuFM Dance Radio takes you on a sonic adventure, from the roots of modern dance music in the 80's to the cutting-edge EDM releases of today. We believe in showcasing the full spectrum of dance music, celebrating its rich history and honouring the influencers who shaped the genre.

At UbuntuFM Dance Radio, we break free from the confines of mainstream genres and proudly present a diverse range of dance music that transcends boundaries. We celebrate the pioneers who shaped this genre and embrace new talent and independent artists who are pushing the boundaries even further.

Experience the ultimate journey through the evolution of dance music

With UbuntuFM Dance, you're not just a listener, but an active participant in shaping the future of dance music. Discover new artists, support independent talent, and be part of a community that values creativity and diversity. We don't focus on a single -commercially most viable - (sub)category but like to paint the full picture of the genre.

Let us entertain you and make you move.

Channel website: www.ubuntufmdance.com

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