Chronic Records Announces Release of Twork, a Sizzling Hot Single from DIEGO Featuring Flip Da Flippa and Ladii Rose

The song ‘Twork’ was released on August 26 and fans can preorder the song on Amazon Music, Apple, Spotify, Tidal and other music streaming platforms

In the United States music industry, there is a sea of talent with different individuals springing up daily that add to the wealth of the industry. Being a standout in the US music industry requires something beyond talent and hard work: it requires originality. For every artist that breaks out to the forefront of the scene, they are clearly the ones that have distinguished themselves by introducing a rare quality different from the status quo. DIEGO, a fast-rising Hip Hop artist exemplifies that needed originality for success in the music industry through his music versatility and in-depth IQ. As a creative, DIEGO is constantly developing his musical skills, ensuring he maintains his cutting-edge touch.

Today, Chronic Records is pleased to announce that DIEGO, Flip Da Flippa, and Ladii Rose have teamed up to produce a track which is titled ‘Twork.’ The track features a provocative blend of sound, lyrics, synergy, and aggression as DIEGO reminds everyone that he is a master at his craft and is not joining the bandwagon of artists playing average.

“Twork was a lot of work,” explained DIEGO. “I wanted to give fans something to get them grooving and vibing for the rest of summer and I sure did. Thanks to Ladii Rose, who brought in her wealth of experience, my brother Flip, and the management at Chronic Records, listeners won't want to stop listening to Twork. It is the perfect infusion of rap, talent, and lyrical prowess.”

By putting on Ladii Rose, fans and music lovers can expect that the track ‘Twork’ will be a hit. Ladii Rose is an established figure in the industry and her rap is truly exceptional. Using her ability to deliver hard-hitting lyrics finely mixed with a raw talent for storytelling, Twork will keep listeners riveted and hooked from the beginning. Ladii Rose brings the hash down on Twork and the track is undeniably an instant classic.

Over the years, DIEGO has cultivated his signature sound drawing from legends such as The Notorious B.I.G. “Biggie”, Jeezy, and more. It comes naturally for DIEGO to flow seamlessly between different vibes and authentically exist in each of his alter egos. He proves his versatility in Twork as the song is catchy, upbeat and easy to love. It’s the perfect summertime jam as DIEGO can be seen appearing comfortable in expressing himself. With timeless beats, relatable lyrics, and a positive, high-energy, DIEGO provides a joy-filled musical escape for his listeners.

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In a sea of tremendous underground talent, hip-hop artist DIEGO rises to the top for his versatility in musicianship and in-depth industry IQ. A creative always in motion, DIEGO is constantly evolving his skillset and staying true to his image. To cultivate his dynamic, signature sound, he draws from hip-hop icons, The Notorious B.I.G. “Biggie”, Jeezy, and more. Though early in his career, DIEGO possesses a rare ability to seamlessly flow between different vibes and authentically exist in each of his alter egos.


His debut single “TWORK”, featuring the incomparable LADII ROSE and up-and-coming rapper FLIP DA FLIPPA, is currently trending on Digital DJ Pool’s Hip Hop and R&B chart. From start to finish, the Nassau, Bahamas-based artist rapper has an infectious flow that keeps you engaged throughout the entire track.


The raving summer anthem has the rapper appearing comfortable expressing himself behind the mic. With timeless beats, relatable lyrics, and a positive, high-energy, DIEGO provides a joy-filled musical escape for his listeners. A phenomenal independent musician on the rise, you can expect to hear DIEGO charting on the radio alongside Money Bag Yo and Kevin Gates very soon.


Lisa Voltaire, better known as Ladii Rose, was born in Miami, FL and was raised in the Miramar area of Broward County. Ladii Rose was raised by Haitian parents and grew up with her older brother and 2 younger brothers. While Ladii Rose was just 9 years old, she grew fond of singing and would frequently sing in church choirs and even enrolled herself in talent shows where she would do her own rendition of her favorite songs. By the age of 12, Ladii Rose had decided she wanted to make a career out of singing and taught herself how to write music. In the following years, Ladii Rose would draw a lot of inspiration from her older brother who, at the time, was a popular rapper and would record studio tracks with big name artists. Ladii Rose would eventually record songs with her brother, however, they decided not to release them.  

 Although her passion was with singing, after graduating high school Ladii Rose got into acting and would frequently fly back and forth from Miami to New York to attend the New York Film Academy. Ladii Rose graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2009 and was able to land a few small roles as an extra in the movie Marley and Me and the TV show, Burn Notice. While Ladii Rose was attending the New York Film Academy, she was still very active with her singing and eventually caught the ear of an independent label out of New York. She decided to sign with them, however, Ladii Rose and the indie label split ways after only about a year.

 While signing with the label didn’t work out, Ladii Rose was still determined to make her dreams come true on her own. She began investing her time and money into recording her music and growing her fan base. To satisfy her fanbase, Ladii Rose would post short skits with popular influencers until she felt her music was ready. Once Ladii Rose felt she reached as far as she could on her own, she began searching for a manager. Ladii Rose met T Da Tastemaker in 2018 and began to take her career to the next level.  With the proper team behind her, Ladii Rose began recording more frequently and released her first major single “Anotha One” on Feb 14th, 2020.

At the same time Ladii Rose released her single, she also released the official video for “Anotha One” which features social media influencer Robii World and was directed by Ladii Rose herself. Since it’s release, “Anotha One” has been doing over 20k streams a week on major platforms. Ladii Rose released her latest single “Im Dat Bitch” late July which is over 100,000 streams on social music platforms and “Im dat bitch which currently streams over 70,000 . Ladii Rose is also continually releasing merchandise that is sold exclusively through her website,  for her loyal fans. With her initial single doing well she has been able to perform with major artists, like Trap Beckham and Flo Rida, Nikki Natural as well as popular Florida radio DJs, DJ Epps and DJ Nasty 305. Ladii Rose is gearing up for another tour to promote her new music as her last 2 tours have had much success. Her hot latest single is a huge ladies anthem called, “DIP” produced by skrilla the Hitman!  She released her single And is out on all music platforms . With a ton of momentum going and support from so many it’s clear to see that Ladii Rose is blossoming into a mega superstar! Stay tuned for Ladii Rose!


Born and raised in the Bahamas, an audio engineer by profession, Flipp da Flippa is an upcoming artist in the making. His style of music is a combination of word play with a Bahamian slang infused to it that reflects real stories and everyone can connect to the message. Music producers and artists alike have influenced his style of music by and large. In addition, Flipp da Flippa draws inspiration from artists he has worked with before, those he admires and most importantly, the message he communicates in his style of music.

Flipp da Flippa is strongly convinced that currently, success in the music industry heavily relies on connections as opposed to raw talent as it was before. This realization enables him to work with major and independent music artists such as Drake, Future, Money Man, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Eminem among many others in the engineering and production field. This broad and well-versed experience with such artists really offers an advantage to him in terms of growth, consistency and stamina as an upcoming artist. To some extent, these music producers and artists have also influenced his style of music.

Uniqueness in his style of music is brought about by his versatile nature. Depending on what his song needs, Flipp da Flippa is able to change his voice and flow accordingly. This is one of the aesthetic purposes of music – being able to capture the message and audience all in one by voice present in the music. He really puts his heart into his style of music. Besides music, he is equally involved in mentoring young, talented artists through motivational speaking and creating programs for teens who aspire to graduate with a degree in audio engineering. Furthermore, he is also coming up with a rehabilitation program in the prisons which is meant to impact positively on the individuals who are also part of human society.

Flipp da Flippa’s life is well balanced as he reaches out to his immediate community alike. With numerous goals to achieve, his ultimate goal for now is to be number one on the billboard charts and he is really focusing and working towards the same. His role model, musically speaking is Future or Money Man and a personal mantra, one that he lives by states that,” Don’t give up even when everything is moving at a snail’s pace. By hard work and consistency, your efforts will surely pay.” Certainly, Flipp da Flippa is not giving up, not now – not ever!



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