Recording artist ALPHA CENTAURI has announced that his first single for indie label ROGUE PLANET - the afro-infused hip hop track “I’ll Fly” - will be released on January 20th, 2023 across all streaming and download platforms internationally .

"I’ll Fly” is the first of eight singles already recorded and due for release over the next 14 months - leading up to the release of ALPHA CENTAURI’s debut professional album (scheduled for March 2024).

Chronic Records Announces Release of Twork, a Sizzling Hot Single from DIEGO Featuring Flip Da Flippa and Ladii Rose

The song ‘Twork’ was released on August 26 and fans can preorder the song on Amazon Music, Apple, Spotify, Tidal and other music streaming platforms

Following the release and success of Welcome To My City (The Gabz Edition), we give you Welcome To My City 2 (The Bandleng and Bloem Town Stories) (ft. Ohmz The Don, Eerah, Sebaga Rabantheng), which continues the tale with a trip south of Botswana to the small town of Lobatse before heading further south into Bloemfontein, South Africa.

This Song Is About Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin , Being One With Your Personality & Being Confident With Yourself. 

Urban music from all corners of the world!

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From his latest offering 'Skytoucher', this well-crafted, mature and melodic tune tells a story of how bad experiences in past relationships don't matter, as long as you have found the one you love at last. The song features a powerful vocalist named Kaizer who gracefully introduces us to this magical rap song.

The Disconnect is about this creation, this plan, called life that is given to each of us, and how there are those of us who cannot accept or understand.

Welcome To My City (The Gabz Edition) featuring  StaxXx, Mouzai & CoolNerrd. Stevie G DJ’s debut single featuring some of Botswana’s shining diamonds 💎

We're living in the After Life. You need to get your facts right

Strong Hip-Hop lyrics and music by South-African rapper Prevail featuring Oxygen-02 and Spears.