Arlen Seaton - Kindness

Kindness Cover Art

Kindness tells a tale of betrayal, unexpected but irrefutable. It is about being acted against by a trusted confidant, who is willing to sacrifice a friendship to get ahead. 

Arlen, from his place of ruin, writes about the fantasy of receiving poetic justice.  The song is an oath that there will inevitably come a day when the betrayer will be at his mercy, in need of his ‘kindness’.  Production by Lesroy ‘A.P.’ Byers and Dennis White added layers of drama and storytelling to the song that far transcend what Arlen could have envisioned on his own.

Artist info

Arlen Seaton is an Antiguan singer-songwriter whose easy-as-molasses vocals charm the listener with a disarming sense of familiarity. Its not the familiarity of a lyric heard before but of the stranger, sitting beside you in a bar, whom you feel like youve known all your life. His nostalgic style of storytelling through song owes a lot to his West Indian heritage of Calypso and folk tales as well as the influences of eclectic artists including the Mighty Sparrow, John Legend, Coldplay and the Cinematic Orchestra. Although 

Arlen graduated magna cum laude from Morehouse College with a degree in Biology, he studied voice under the tutelage of Dr. Melvin Foster every semester of his tenure there. He spent as much time in practice rooms as he did in the laboratory, using music as a means of negotiating the world around him and as a tool for introspection. He has collaborated with the German award-winning producer York on the producers 2016 'Traveler' album and released Christmas by my Side, a dynamic duet sung with fellow Antiguan singer Jenny Medina in 2016. He co- founded the band Blakk Gold in 2018 and through that, has had the opportunity to open for major acts such as Marcia Griffith and Buju Banton. 

In April 2022, Arlen released his debut EP album "Live in the Moment' with New York City producer David Sisko which was an affirmation of his commitment to creating honest, genre-fluid pieces, inspired by real life- to giving himself, through his music, to those who would but listen. Arlen looks forward to collaborating with as many creators as are willing to make art with him, particularly those of West Indian decent. He also looks forward to taking on the biggest stages of the world and hopes to share his message of love and self-acceptance. 

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