Jeisie Bassie - 20 Stitches

Jeisie Bassie '20 Stitches'

A brand new discovery of great artistic promise

A straightforward story that compels the listener to lean back and assimilate its essence. Possibly, upon looking close enough, one might be bound to find an anecdote in the story, or simply a representation of common realities shared amongst residents of metropolitan areas plagued by the same recognizable ills that beset such places the world over. 

20 Stitches is lyrically a song about defiance and resilience. A determination to soldier through a glitch in the course of life’s many episodes. Fresh. Straight from the heart with clearly no intention – or rather with the intention of an arrow shot off a bow. The lyrical delivery is great. Fluid, even. A testament to his genius. Experience, maybe. Possibly this is one rapper who’s stayed underground for far too long, honing his craft until chance brings him to notable attention. 

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