Dennis Warner - Beads on One String

Beads on One String book cover by Dennis Warner

Beads on One String-Dennis Warner

Dennis’ song and book, “Beads on One String”, emphasizes the importance of our commonalities.  Warner explains, “Like a beaded necklace, we are all different sizes, shapes and colors, but all held together by one string.  That’s how I see us all around the world.  It’s the string, the things we share in common, that holds us together.”

Beads on One String, performed by Dennis Warner
Words and Music By Dennis Warner
© Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)

Beads on One String
Words and Music by Dennis Warner
Illustrations by Alison Love Unzelman
© Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)
© Dennis Warner
Published by Sunray Publishing
Distributed by Main Trail Productions
Ninth Printing (2023)





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