Masscut | "P.I.N"
Pressure Is Necessary

A Rap EP rooted In contemporary Nigerian musical culture

Nigerian-born, Cyprus-based rapper Masscut new EP release "P.I.N". Masscut’s artistic performance thrives on variety. His style comes unexpectedly and brazenly experimental.

In the title track 'P.I.N', he delivers his lyrics to rhyme, and with a playful vocal that is richly dynamic. It makes one think of the effortless yet punchy style of rap delivery which is stylishly Eminem. This style is very much different from the next track 'Hop Out The Bed' which has a pained expression to its delivery. Lyrically, it tells the grinding and pains of an indie artist, evidently, in the local music industry.

Generally, the EP is a remarkable artistic outing for Masscut. It is very much recommended for lovers of rap music. Hope is high that the release of the EP offers for Masscut a remarkable stage in his musical career.