Get those feet moving

A song about watching folks rushing around, doing their thing. Treasure your time before it's gone.

Music as we know it has always been about vocal fluidity and fluency, it's pitch and texture is what has driven most to love a certain artist. The turn of the millennium and the rise of the 2K generation has brought a different point of view of how music should be seen. With the rise of dancehall the sub genre of reggae one surely sees that music is no longer limited by one's vocals. This shift in the musical paradigm has birthed many talented artists who have not been scared to create their own diverse sound that speaks to the masses.

NEW ALBUM by Jamaican Roots Reggae artist Tyrone Sturk

The Love reloaded

There is a point in your love life when you will begin to appreciate your partner other than just for the sake of love but for the value, he or she brings into your being.  At that point, you feel like you just got yourself new love and you want to give them more than what you gave before. Falling in love (again).

A prayer for Africa

Perkostylz' "Africa" is a prayer to the most high Jah about the way we live our lives. As if there are different Almighties for Africans and Europeans, yet, He is the only one. We are praying to the same God yet we Africans seem to be the forgotten ones.

Conscious Music, Reggae Music!

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