Music as we know it has always been about vocal fluidity and fluency, it's pitch and texture is what has driven most to love a certain artist. The turn of the millennium and the rise of the 2K generation has brought a different point of view of how music should be seen. With the rise of dancehall the sub genre of reggae one surely sees that music is no longer limited by one's vocals. This shift in the musical paradigm has birthed many talented artists who have not been scared to create their own diverse sound that speaks to the masses.

Following the release and success of Welcome To My City (The Gabz Edition), we give you Welcome To My City 2 (The Bandleng and Bloem Town Stories) (ft. Ohmz The Don, Eerah, Sebaga Rabantheng), which continues the tale with a trip south of Botswana to the small town of Lobatse before heading further south into Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Lady Mo Moses and Lomuhle Wase MP are two artist's that collaborated and come with a hit song titled Dumi Dumi Dumi

"Lonely" is based on a true event which took place the day before it was recorded. Everyone in life has passed through that stage when we tend to have fun and chill with new people with different personalities, but at the same time we're not spending time with the true loved ones in our life. Jiggybang is passing a message to true lovers saying "no matter where we are, the different people we meet, we are still irreplaceable". Enjoy "Lonely"! 

Track Information
Tittle : 2808 Beat (Ft West Rhythm) (Radio Edit)
Artist : Beno B
Release Date : 17 June 2022
ISRC Code : ZA-JUB-22-00015
Record Label : Sound Play Entertainment
Publisher : Songtrade

This Song Is About Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin , Being One With Your Personality & Being Confident With Yourself. 

Onopatazana is a amapiano track that was released on the January 18, 2022.

From his latest offering 'Skytoucher', this well-crafted, mature and melodic tune tells a story of how bad experiences in past relationships don't matter, as long as you have found the one you love at last. The song features a powerful vocalist named Kaizer who gracefully introduces us to this magical rap song.

The Disconnect is about this creation, this plan, called life that is given to each of us, and how there are those of us who cannot accept or understand.